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My Friends House, Inc

We validate, support and encourage each other. 

We listen and we learn from each other. Free hugs.

About Us

Our Staff

  • Eve Birch - Founder & CO
  • Teresa Chance - Director of Operations
  • Ykeisha 'KiKi' Price - Director of Outreach
  • Roxanne R. Williams - Special Outreach Director
  • Erin Wilkerson - IT and media ace

Our history

 With a strong background in crisis counseling, hospice, education, and over thirty years working directly with the homeless, the helpless, and the lost; My Friends House will bring together people of varying backgrounds and circumstances, to educate and assist them into a community workshop environment where we can create marketable items, trade them and odd jobs for donations, and then provide other chosen women with things, services, and other support as we feel we can.

Our Mission


  I am a woman who has gotten tired of the way this society and others treats the needs, fears and issues of women.

 I bought a building for us, and I want to have tea and share what I have with other women, from all cultures, so we can find our commongoals and issues, and make this  towna safer stronger, and more just place for women, girls, and those who care about us.
I am making a safe placefor us to be free with our speech, and advance the causes of safety, equality, non-violence and access toeverything others regularlyexpect and receive without obstacles.
It is a Women's Center, so no males over 5 years of ageare allowed on the property, except for in the in-house child care, and on Wednesdays -(Men's day - which is open to include most of the free classes (cooking, nutrition, natural health approaches,arts & crafts, literacy, ESOL, yoga, meditation, peace work, document help, & poetry), and in the many supportgroups we plan to host(some suggested subjectsare, survivors of violence,life after crisis, men's ptsd,w omen's ptsd, dealing withgrief and illness, RationalRecovery, dealing with anger)- we are very open to otherneeds and ideas.
It is a wonderful strong old building, withroom for all this and more.I am filling 2 pantries withdry goods - diapers, toilet paper,detergent, skin, hair, and hygiene products.And the last cooking class3 days a week will be in large scale cooking, with theunderstanding that everyonetake enough with them to feed 3 neighbors or freeze it up for another day.
Please come find me, and let's get to work.
I want this place - My Friends House -to last longer than me.

It's my gift to share, and if you help me, we help each other, then we all help the rest, towards a more loving respectful world where we don't struggle alone anymore.
 Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Respectfully,     Eve Birch 

Volunteers Needed

Aquisitions; finding free food, donations, helpers, etc.

Painting, Cleaning, Sanding, Peer counselor trainee, cooks helpers, saftey walkers (strong people to walk with scared people to destinations in town) and strong security people. 

Donations are welcome.

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